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Collection of handmade teddy bears crafted in mohair, synthetic and recycled natural furs.  Plus custom teddy bears made from your own fabric.


The most famously slow animal on the planet needs little introduction. Native to the tropical rainforests of Latin America, where sloths apparently spend most of their life happily sleeping and cradled by the luscious canopy of the Amazon Rainforest, the sloth is nowadays a synonym for lazy couch-potatoes the world over.

Irresistibly cute couch-potatoes, that is!  With their permanently contented smiles, beady little sleepy eyes and adorably fluffy babies – sloth videos and photos have the ability to make us all smile! 

I myself have fallen for their charm and have designed my own sloths, with more realistic features, posable limbs and double jointed necks and huggable bodies.  


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