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Collection of handmade teddy bears crafted in mohair, synthetic and recycled natural furs.  Plus custom teddy bears made from your own fabric.

#SL101 Sylvester Sloth, Synthetic Fur - SOLD

Sylvester is a one-of-a-kind handmade two-toed sloth with jointed limbs which have fasteners to allow him to hang from the nearest tree branch. His neck is double-jointed so you can pose his head in any number of ways. His synthetic fur was used in a way to replicate the nap of a real sloth. He is 30" tall stretching from his front claws to back claws, 16" seated.

Fur: high quality synthetic fur

Eyes: black glass rimmed with rubber eyelids, anchored by waxed floss threaded through head, tied underneath.

Mouth: black leather cord which as been glued and secured by handstitches

Nose: black resin, secured by safety lock washer.

Claws: polymer clay, painted and sealed

Fill: 100% polyester fiber

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