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Collection of handmade teddy bears crafted in mohair, synthetic and recycled natural furs.  Plus custom teddy bears made from your own fabric.

Mohair Bears

This collection of artist bears is made of mohair, an exquisite fiber known for its soft luxury yet great durability.  It comes from Angora goats which are shorn twice a year without harming the animal, and their soft hair is then processed for use in fabrics.  The earliest teddy bears were made of mohair and are highly prized collectibles to this day.  It is quite expensive, but mohair stands the test of time and is the hallmark of the finest bears made by Bear Artisans worldwide.

Mohair bears by LoriBelle Designs are made with imported black glass eyes, handstitched cotton embroidery (or needlefelted wool) nose & mouth and are 5-way jointed with hardboard disks and steel hardware (unless otherwise noted). 

Each mohair bear comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and sewn in tush tag.


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