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Collection of handmade teddy bears crafted in mohair, synthetic and recycled natural furs.  Plus custom teddy bears made from your own fabric.

*Custom Fur Bears

I can create a beautiful heirloom bear using your own fur coat or that of a loved one whose memory you cherish.

blonde mink fur teddy bearscustom raccoon fur teddy bear

Extra care is taken to ensure that your heirloom bear provides enjoyment for generations to come! The hide is hand rubbed with a special oil, a 100% natural preservative to add suppleness, and is then lined with cotton fabric for stability. The coat's lining can be used for the paw pads as well as a decorative neck scarf or bow tie. Custom embroidery is also available so you can add a name, date or special message if you wish.
fur coat teddy bearcustom fur coat teddy bearrabbit fur teddy bear
Each custom made heirloom fur bear will have its own signed Certificate of Authenticity, featuring the name of the coat's original owner, as well as a summary of the materials used for your heirloom bear.

Click here for a photo gallery of LoriBelle Designs custom teddy bears made from various types of fur coats.

Bear Size Single Bear Price Multiple Bear Price
(from single garment)
9" to 12" $225
14" to 16" $250
18" to 20" $275

Prices for your Heirloom Fur Bear include dismantling of the garment, hand rubbed oil conditioning of the hide, pattern sizing for best use of the fur pieces & cotton lining of each piece for added stability.  Eyes and noses are imported black glass.  Paws & scarf are constructed using the garment's lining, with any existing embroidery incorporated as you request. If lining is too weak or damaged, or if you prefer, ultrasuede for the paws will be substituted at no extra charge.


Design Options

Neck Trim Styles:

  • Option A- Long scarf for tying bow - $0
  • Option B- Bow Tie or "Fabric Florette" Accent Tie - $0
  • Option C- Add on to long scarf or bowtie:  Use of scarf clip adorned with fancy coat button, jewelry or any other memento you provide - $10 surcharge (this includes a decorative fabric florette base using the coat's lining). Some examples:


Paw Pads
  • Use garment lining or ultrasuede - $0
  • Real suede or leather (limited colors) - $5 surcharge
Custom Embroidery
  • If you wish to add a simple message to the scarf such as "I love you", "In Memory of ____", or any brief sentiment - $10 surcharge (or higher depending on length of message). 
  • A single word, monogram or numerical date can be added to the scarf or paw pad - $7 surcharge
  • Images (heart, flower, dragonfly, cross, etc.) - varies from $7 to $15 depending on size & complexity
Memory Garments & Accessories - made from memory garment:
  • T shirt - $20  
  • Jacket - $35
  • Button down shirt - $30 
  • Vest - $25 
  • Jumpefur coat teddy bears with custom clothingr dress $30
  • Skirt or Pants $20
  • Handbag or totebag $20
  • Special Requests? - Just ask! 
  • Extra charges apply for knitted, stretchy or other fabrics requiring stabilization or special treatment.
Here's how to order:
  1. Print and complete Order Form(Please note that page 1 is the actual form, page 2 is a recap of prices & options.)
  2. Send form, $20 deposit and fur garment to address listed on form.
  3. It is highly recommended that you insure your shipment if not already offered by your shipper.

Click here for guidelines on estimating the number and size bears you can expect from your fur coat as well as custom order policies & guidelines.




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