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Collection of handmade teddy bears crafted in mohair, synthetic and recycled natural furs.  Plus custom teddy bears made from your own fabric.


Kind Words From Customers...


Hi, Lori,
Just letting you know I received the 4 memory
bears you made for me on Saturday.  They are
just precious!  Thank you so much for your skill,compassion and professionalism while working
with me.  I can "bearly" wait to give them to my siblings!
--Sue H.
custom made teddy bears in memory ofBetty, namesake for memory teddy bears
Hi Sue,
I'm so glad you're pleased!  I loved your vision for your Betty bears and was happy to make it happen.  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!



Hi Lori,

I received my teddy bears today.  I love them!  They are soooo adorable, all I want to do is hug them.  I have shown them to all my friends at Las Fuentas, where my apartment is and they have all asked where I had them made. Everybody thinks it is a great way to use your fur coat since real fur seem obsolete now a days.  THEY ARE THE  MOST BEAUTIFUL TEDDIES I HAVE EVER OWNED.


mink teddy bears with custom clothing


Dorothy S.


Lori-----You are beyond amazing. I love my bear and I have already posted it on Facebook.  She is beautiful.  I must admit I was scared to mail my wedding dress off to someone I did not know, but you took my dress and made something so much better than I ever expected. I love her and I can't wait to show her off to anyone who walks into my house.

<>...You are amazing and thank you for treating my dress with love and respect.  There are no words to thank you enough.

Gayle L."



I just received the teddy bears. They are so precious and brought tears to my eyes! Each one looks as though she has her own personality!  You did an outstanding job, and I can't thank you enough!  Best wishes always, Susan"


"Hi Lori,

<Baby's> bear has been a huge success.  I'm passing your name along to several friends. Attached are photos from her 1st Birthday. I like 8C the best, reminds me of a "tea party."  I also love the one of her "honking" the nose. She's too young to have named it yet, will be fun when she does!

They plan to have more children, so I'm sure you will be hearing from me again."

-Val D.


"Thought you might enjoy this.  This was the day she received the mink. My Mother raised her 3 daughters by herself.  She struggled to make sure we were fed and clothed and loved.  She remarried in 1967 to a wonderful man who made her life easier til she died suddenly in 1982.  This was his gift to her that Christmas.  We never had the extras in life and she sacrificed so much for us.  The coat was passed to one of my sisters who eventually outgrew it.  I then received it and wore it twice. (I am a huge animal lover). Told everyone I inherited it and all the minks died of natural causes!

Enjoy your Holidays knowing you have made 3 lucky sisters share a gift that was so much a part of our Mother."

Judy F.

"I wish you were here so I could give you a huge hug!  They are the most precious things I have ever seen!
I know my Mom is smiling and I can't wait to give them to my sisters. 
Lori, you are truly an angel with a most unique talent.  Thank you again so very much."

Judy F.

"I hope you and your family enjoyed a nice holiday weekend.  It was such a pleasure meeting you in Charlotte last week. I felt so comfortable meeting you and knowing that you would give new life to a very important heirloom.  I am thrilled to know that my Mom will be able to enjoy it in a new form while she is still alive and then hopefully it will come to me and be passed down in the future.  What a special person you are to share your skill and your passion in such a meaningful way."

Steve J.

Follow up:
"Little Teddy is home.
Hi Lori,
The smile says it all (see photo above).  His name is "Little Teddy" which may not sound very original but nonetheless very significant. My late father's name is Ted Albert Jones.  Since he gave her the stole on their first Christmas together she felt it was the only name appropriate.  She loves the bear.  You have touched our hearts with your talent and I am so grateful to have met you.  There are several friends who have asked for your website information so don't be surprised if you get some requests who somehow heard about you through "Little Teddy's" family.

Thank you again and God Bless You..."

Steve J.

"I am jumping with joy.  The bears are here!  They are beyond my expectations.  You are a miracle worker and I am pleased beyond words.  My only hope is that I can wait for Christmas to give them out to the granddaughters.  Thank you thank you 8 times over.  I hope we can do this again."
- Carolynn B .

"What can I say but your a miracle worker, and God blesses you with every bear you touch."
- Sandy B.

Hi Lori,
Received the bears on Christmas Eve Day, and was able to give them to my niece's daughters today.  They were thrilled with them!  My husband was very impressed with your work and the results.  If you happen to have any fur left (and if there is enough) from my mother's coat and stole, he would like me to order 2 more bears.  Please let me know if this is possible."

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and the New Year will bring happiness and joy."
Follow up:
"Good Morning Lori!  Just wanted to let you know that I received the bears this week, and they are absolutely adorable.  Both Dale and I are so happy with them, and, as with the others, we are receiving lots of compliments.  Of course, I tell them about you and give your website address.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you, for preserving a part of my mother's life for future generations of our family.  She would be so happy!

"Hi Lori,
The bears arrived today about 6:30.
What a joy!  Pinky is beautiful, just like Aunt Fritz.
Thanks again for a great job.
P.S.  Pinky has been posted on Facebook with your email address."

"OMG! Lori, they are so beautiful!  I cried when I saw these pics - I am so excited to get them.  My mother and grandmother will probably cry too (tears of joy!)  I am so happy & thankful that I found you - you did an outstanding job!  I already have a couple of friends I was telling about it & they also have old furs from there grandmothers - I will definitely send them to you!  If you have any business cards - put a few in my box & I will be happy to recommend you to anyone!
-Aimee H.

Follow up:
"Lori!  I recieved mny bears yesterday!  They are so precious!  I can't tell you how special they are to me!  Thank you for such a wonderful job :)."
-Aimee H.

"I LOVE the bears!  My mom LOVES her bear - she recognized daddy's shirt immediately and, of course the rest of the story is an emotional mess, but nonetheless - we are happy to have these precious keepsakes.

Thank you so much for your delicate mannerism, your complete understanding of the situation and your flexible expertise.  It was a pleasure to work with you, I'm SO happy I found you!  Take care and good luck to you - keep up the beautiful work!"
-Danielle McK.

"Hi Lori - oh, SHE looks gorgeous ...& such 'attitude' just like my Mom! :)
Thank you soooo much for wielding your magic wand/gift on Mom's mink... I know she would love the fact that it will still be here with us ;)"
-Carol W.

"I'm so glad you're pleased!  I was aiming for a sad, pouty look but she insisted on a "hmpff" expression... if you know what I mean.  Did your Mom have that "It's my way or no way" or "just try to challenge me" attitude?  Sometimes the bear's spirit just takes over, despite my efforts to change it."
- Lori P.

"Thanks again Lori - your comments were 'priceless' ... Since Mom was a Redhead her attitude was more like "go ahead challenge me, I've been around longer than all of you & know what is right"... she would say it like it was :)  My husband said I should print this all out so our kids can appreciate what you said about her 'spirit' ...
-Carol W.
"Hi Lori,
I just wanted to let you know how much I love the bears - I meant to email you earlier (I can't remember if I did).  I hid them in my closet and I'm in the process of wrapping Christmas gifts, which served as a reminder.  I'm sure my daughter and 2 nieces are going to love them as much as I do - they are so well made and will keep my mom's memory alive every time I look at mine.
This is our fist Christmas without her and this bear will be such a comfort - something tangible to hold that was a part of my mom's - the stole was very dear to her when she received it from my dad.  I remember going to a department store with him when I was a young girl and helping him pick it out.  I just wanted to express my gratitude - you've given uys a warm and loving memory of both  my mom and dad.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.   God Bless.
-Linda H.

I don't know how to thank you for the extra care that you took with  my order.  The bears are absolutely gorgeous.  They arrived today about 6 p.m.  I immediately took them out of the plastic and found homes for my three.  I had problems deciding which color I liked the best - still can't decide.  The dedication to detail is amazing.  I will definitely mention the quality of your work to all my friends.  Thank you again for a superior job."
-Jill L

"Hi Lori, I really love both of the bears.  They are so Adorable and so Well made.  I'm Happy that I got Grady.  I loved the gift too, that was really Sweet of you and it was a very nice surprise.  I had seen them on your site and had thought about getting one.
Thanks so Much for Everything again!!! I look forward to getting another Bear from you in the future.  I will keep my eye on your sites. I wish you the Best!
Huge Bear Hugs,"
-Pat U.


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